Bulmers Norman - Cider Apple Tree


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Bulmer’s Norman was an unnamed variety imported from France in the early 20th century by Bulmer’s Cider Company of Hereford. It produces a very vigorous, spreading tree, with fruit starting to mature by mid-October. Apples are large yellowgreen with a resemblance to Morgan Sweet. The juice has a hard and bitter tannin taste on its own and should be blended, but fermentation is fast. It is more commonly used as a stem builder to develop strong trunks in one or two years, which can then be top worked as standards of another variety.

  • Triploid
  • Vigorous grower, spreading habit
  • Fast fermentation
  • Hard tannic juice
  • Further Information:

    Type Medium bittersweet
    Pollination Group 3
    Maturing Mid/Late October

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