Dwarf Cherry Tree Collection

We have now stopped taking orders for the 2018/19 season.
We will be taking orders again for 2019/20 season from July onward.
Feel free to get in touch if you want to discuss an order for next year.



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The dwarf cherry collection consists of three varieties of cherries that we select from the list below, all of which ripen well in our climate. Their sweet fruit is large and juicy.

They are on a dwarfing rootstock, Gisela, so will not grow to more than 3 metres and can be pruned after cropping to form a mopheaded tree that can be easily netted from the birds

Stella is self fertile with dark red crops in July
Sunburst is self fertile with almost black fruit cropping in late July
Kordia is self fertile ripening to dark red with red flesh and cropping mid-August
Black Oliver is a traditional English mid-season black cherry
Cherokee is self-fertile and gives big, sweet dark cherries, ready in July
Summit is a mid-season variety giving large crunchy cherries with glossy dark red skin

  • dark cherries
  • self fertile
  • dwarf rootstocks
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