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This variety boasts one of the most intense, rich and aromatic apples of all the eaters. The fruit features a bright orange/red flush over greenish yellow, with some russetting and indistinct stripes. The taste is highly fruity with some sharpness, plenty of acidity and a pineapple-like flavour. The tree grows vigorously and produces reliable but not heavy crops, making it one for those preferring quality of flavour to quantity of fruit.
'William Crump' was created in Madresfield Court Gardens, Worcestershire during the early 20th century as a cross between the two famous varieties 'Cox's Orange Pippin' and 'Worcester Pearmain'. Soon after it was first exhibited it received an RHS first class certificate.

  • Highly intense rich and aromatic
  • Fruity sharp pineapple flavourings
  • Vigerous grower
  • Reliable cropper
  • Further Information:

    Pollination Group 5
    Cropping Pick October-Stores till December

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