About Adam's Apples

About Adam's Apples Adam’s Apples is the largest fruit tree nursery in the south west of England. From our field in the Devon countryside, we bring our growing knowledge and expertise to the trees we send out across the U.K.

In July 2022 we went in to organic conversion with the Soil Association, a two year process , with the objective to be a certified organic nursery in 2024.

The horticultural industry has some bad practises in terms of pesticide use, soil management and over-use of plastic products.

We have always done everything to ensure the trees that go out to our customers are grown to a high quality and ready to thrive where planted, but using farming and growing methods that don’t cost the earth.

We use green manures, mulches and innovative weeding tools as a way to avoid using herbicides in the production of our trees. We use long-term deep-rooted lays to create soil fertility as part of our growing rotation as well as semi-permanent flower margins to attract beneficial insects. This means we do not have to use insecticides to manage pests populations, relying on natural predatory insects to keep our trees safe. We have a huge population of ladybirds at our nursery which do a fantastic job of keeping aphid populations in check.

We don't use any artificial fertilisers in the production of our trees, nourishing them only with seaweed and kelp-based foliar feeds, which maximises plant health and reduces plant stress.

We are working actively within the business and with suppliers to reduce our reliance on plastic products, which we recognise to be a huge problem we want to help address.

We’re proud to say that apples and fruit trees are our passion, and are constantly figuring out the best way to share that passion and expertise with customers around the country, in the most sustainable way we can.

We are also passionate about all things cider and are happy to share our expertise and experience! In 2018 we won Supreme Champion Cider at the Devon County Show. We make a naturally sparkling bottled cider (Pet Nat) that we hope to be selling at the nursery in the very near future!

We grow over 260 varieties of apple trees, 35 varieties of pear trees, 25 varieties of plum and damson trees and 15 varieties of cherry trees, plus quince, medlar, nuts and soft fruit!