Planting Trees are supplied as bare root maidens 1m-1.8m tall, or 2 year old trees 1.5m-2m tall with branches.

They should be planted between December and the end of March. The roots must not be allowed to dry out. Do not plant in waterlogged or frozen soil.

The planting hole should measure 40cm x 40cm x 30cm deep and comfortably accommodate the roots. Fork the bottom and the sides of the hole to improve drainage and allow the roots to spread outwards. Mix in a handful of bonemeal.

Secure the stake then plant the tree on the leeward side of the stake.

Firm the soil around the roots as you backfill. Bring the soil level upto the original soil level on the tree.

Attach the tree to the stake using a tree tie, attach the rabbit guard and apply a mulch of compost or well rotted manure, do not mound this up the trunk.