Rootstocks M9 For dwarf trees in smaller gardens 6-9 feet/2-3 metres.
Trees coming into full cropping in 3-4 years and bear larger fruit.
Can be trained as step over trees

MM106 For bush trees growing to 12-15 feet/4-5 metres in maturity depending on variety. Trees start cropping in two years from planting and are in full cropping after 5-6 years. Can be grown as a bush tree or trained as cordons or espaliers. Fruit can be grown in the lower half of the tree and can be picked from the ground.

M25 a vigorous rootstock used to grow the traditional standard apple tree. Trees will reach upwards of 20 feet/7-10 metres in height and come into cropping after five years. Generally recommended by DEFRA for stewardship schemes.

The higher canopy will allow under grazing by stock permanent guards are advisable.