Fruit trees are hosts to an abundance of wildlife a lot of it beneficial or benign.Try not to spray routinely,avoid tar oil winter washes. Be vigilant and observe your trees regularly identify the problem choose a safe method of treatment. This is particularly so when the trees are young , as they get older they can cope with some problems.

List of Problems

Distorted young leaves and growth - Aphids\greenfly - Solution: Soft soap sprays. Sprays containing Pirimicarb available from garden centres

Brown spots on leaves and fruit - Apple scab - Solution: Caused by damp weather Some varieties are more susceptible, do not store this fruit

Leaves brown and wilting / Fruit drops in June - Shortage of water - Solution: Water and mulch

White deposits on leaves and stem - Powdery Mildew - Solution: Occurs in dry spells. Cut out infected wood. Water and mulch. Sprays available

Young leaves folded together and webbed - Tortrix moth caterpillars - Solution: Remove and squash

Caterpillars within the apples - Codling moth larva - Solution: Use pheromone traps available in garden centres that trap the male in June\July and stop them breeding

Brown papery lesions on the stems - Canker - Solution: Cut out as soon as seen where it occurs on the trunk scrape away with a knife and treat with armillatox. Lime around the tree

Brown cavities within the apples - Bitter pit caused by shortage of calcium and water especially on large apples - Solution: Lime in winter keep watered in July August if practical

Tree doesn’t put on much growth each year - Many possible causes but with young trees can be due to competition - Solution: Has the grass has been kept back for a metre around the tree

Not much fruit - Many possible causes. Poor pollination. Few bees flying. Frost. - Solution: Consider planting a few crab apples. Improve shelter with living windbreaks. Varies from year to year depending on timing