Rabbit Guards

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We are now stocking bio-degradable, plant derived spiral guards to protect against rabbit and vole damage to young trees.
Plastic spiral guards are cheaper to buy but after a couple of years in the sun they become very brittle and shatter in to hundreds of little pieces, leaving lots of plastic in the ground.
In our ongoing mission to become more environmentally sustainable in the way we grow our trees and the products we sell, we have moved over to these bio-degradable spirals.

They will offer your young tree the protection it needs in the first few years of establishment, whilst the tree is most vulnerable from rabbit anbd vole damage. They can then be removed or left in place to bio-degrade without adding more plastic to the environment.

Made from plant based raw materials
Certified bio-degradeable when composting
Designed to start breaking down after 4 years
Ultimately breaks down into organic materials
Expands as the tree grows
Will not damage the environment during or after use

60cmx 38mm spiral guards
Suitable for protection against rabbits and voles.

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